DIY pineapple 🍍 sweet jar

DIY pineapple 🍍 sweet jar
Heyyy everyone I’m super excited πŸ˜ƒ to do my first diy post !!! There will be a lot more to come !. So I don’t want to waste any more time so lets get right into it ‡‡‡ 

What you will need:

A mason jar

Yellow paint 🎨

A black sharpie or black paint 🎨

A spring onion or green card

A big circle sticker or tape

Sweets (eg. Starburst)
1. First you need to get the circle sticker and place it on the front of the mason jar
If you don’t have a circle sticker then you can stick tape on the front in a triangular shape 
2. Next paint 🎨 the whole jar yellow.

If you are using tape be careful that you don’t get any paint 🎨 inside of the triangle.
3.leave the paint 🎨 to dry for a few hours or until it is completely dry
4. Peel off the sticker or tape
5. Use a black sharpie or black paint and draw little v shapes on the yellow part until it resembles a pineapple 🍍well the yellow part of it
6. If you’re using a spring onion cut off the part that looks like the top of a pineapple 🍍and tie it together with a rubber band
If you are using green card then cut 20 identical strips and tie them together with a rubber band.
7. Put the pineapple 🍍 top on the side for now
8. Fill the jar with sweets
9. Place the pineapple 🍍 head on top 
10. Your pineapple 🍍 sweet 🍬 jar is complete you can keep it as your sweet 🍬 supply or give it to somebody as a little gift 🎁

Sooo everyone I hope you liked this post. 

Comment down below what you thought

Oh and guys if you are not following me please do because I want to know if you like my content or not. 
Anyway if you are even reading this comment “cute pineapple 🍍” lol I want to know who’s reading. 

Byyyyyye everyone 


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